Facebook: A link in your post might be unsafe

We’ve noticed that Facebook is generating an automated security check warning (like the one pictured below) when you link to images hosted by CubeUpload.

We think this has come about due to the occasional adult or obscene image uploaded by those naughty people who don’t read our Terms of Service notice. This content actually damages the reputation of our website as we get categorised as an “adult” image host, which we are most definitely not.

I just want to re-assure our faithful uploaders that CubeUpload is not an unsafe website and we do our best to make sure content in violation of our ToS is removed quickly. However, we’re only human and bad images sometimes get missed in the flow of awesomeness you guys host with us.

We have contacted Facebook and asked them to stop this from happening. I’ll update this post when we know more.

Server Migrations – update

Just a quick follow up post – the server migrations has been completed successfully. Unfortunately it took three times longer than we expected, but we haven’t lost anyone’s images!

This was our 5th server move in the history of the website and brings some interesting possibilities for us. We’re not going to reveal anything yet, but watch this space :)

Onwards and upwards!

Server Migrations

Due to almost reaching our limits in terms of disk space, we are currently in the middle of migrating all of your images to a new content server. The new box has three times the space our current one does, and also costs half the amount in rent!

As cubeupload is used 24/7, it’s very difficult to seamlessly transfer everything. We’ve been running image migrations for a few days now but still have to play catch-up every day for all the new stuff being uploaded.

On Monday (16th December) at around 19:00 GMT, we will be switching our DNS records to the new server and disabling the site on the old server. This is to make sure people aren’t uploading images to two servers at once. Image services (links starting with i.cubeupload.com and u.cubeupload.com) will be moved at the same time, but we will continue to run content migrations for a few hours just in case any images are left behind.

By the end of all this, we will have a lot more room for all your lovely content :)

Network upgrades

Just a quick “heads up” – one of our image cache servers will be offline due to a network switch upgrade at the datacentre. This will be from 16th September @ 22:00 UTC until 04:00 UTC the following day.

We will be directing all the traffic served by that cache server to elsewhere, so we don’t expect any downtime to our image service. However, we wanted to make you aware in case some technician spills their coffee on the new kit!