Server Moves TONIGHT

We’ve been working flat-out this week to finalise everything for the server move. Scripts have been run, testing has been done and we’re all set!

The main site will be disabled at 21:00 tonight and we’ll put a banner up stating so later today. Our DNS TTL is 60 minutes so you should be able to access the site around 22:00, however it may take up to 24 hours for your ISP’s DNS to update.

We would like to thank everyone for sticking with us over the years. This is another milestone in our journey and the beginning of some cool new stuff.

The original move announcement can be found here.

Server move delayed

Unfortunately we’ve had some delays in getting the service moved to the new servers. This is mainly due to a lack of time as CubeUpload is a part-time project by three guys all in full-time employment. We also had a bit of a mis-count in the image transfers so had to re-check our content and numbers.

I’m hoping to get this sorted by the end of the week. We are running a continuous content replication from old server to new so don’t expect to lose any images whatsoever!

We are also changing the way our images are served and stored. These changes are going on in the background so you shouldn’t notice any difference, but these improvements make a big difference for us and our ability to scale the service as it grows ever larger.

I’ll post again a bit later this week with more info about the move. As usual we’ll do our best to minimise downtime but we will need to disable the site on the old server before making the new one live. This is to prevent the databases becoming inconsistent between the two servers.

Another server move

Blimey you guys upload a lot of stuff! It’s been barely a year since the last migration and we’re already getting a bit low on disk space!

Because of this, we’re configuring yet another server with even more space! Naturally we can’t keep migrating servers every time we run out of disk so we’ll be making some changes to our overall server infrastructure. This will give us a bit more longevity both in terms of storage space and redundancy.

Right now we’re migrating images over to the new box and hope to complete the migration on Monday 10th November @ 12:00 UTC. This means there will be a changeover period of about 1 hour where images may get uploaded to the old server. Be assured that we will be doing migrations for a while after that so nothing should be lost!

This also brings me to another subject – cubeupload v5. We know this has been a long time in the making but there’s a reason for that! The service we have now is written entirely in standard PHP and the engine has served us extremely well over several years. However a lot has changed for PHP developers and we believe it is time to take advantage of newer technologies to make it easier to add new features.

Due to this, we have decided to use the Laravel framework as a base for the new service. We will be making extensive use of the Eloquent ORM which is perfect for our needs, as well as loads of other built-in Laravel features to make our lives easier.

Facebook: A link in your post might be unsafe

We’ve noticed that Facebook is generating an automated security check warning (like the one pictured below) when you link to images hosted by CubeUpload.

We think this has come about due to the occasional adult or obscene image uploaded by those naughty people who don’t read our Terms of Service notice. This content actually damages the reputation of our website as we get categorised as an “adult” image host, which we are most definitely not.

I just want to re-assure our faithful uploaders that CubeUpload is not an unsafe website and we do our best to make sure content in violation of our ToS is removed quickly. However, we’re only human and bad images sometimes get missed in the flow of awesomeness you guys host with us.

We have contacted Facebook and asked them to stop this from happening. I’ll update this post when we know more.