Child abuse images

I wish I didn’t have to post about this but sadly the actions of some people have forced me to do so.

We have had multiple instances of pictures of child abuse being uploaded to the service. These are the kind of things no business or volunteer-run image hosting website should have to deal with.

Please understand that if you’re using our website to upload child abuse, you are committing a major crime. We will continue deleting the content and blocking the upload IP. If you’re using a Tor exit node, it means you’re cutting off our service to everyone else using that node, for good or for bad. Furthermore, we have also disabled hotlinking from the sites these images are being requested from.

We have logged all accesses to each of the pictures uploaded and will be passing onto the authorities in due course. The content being uploaded is illegal in the strongest possible way and we will do everything in our power to stop it from happening.

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  1. Hello, I do not know what is happening my computer was hacked or my ip was cloned after I entered the deep web, I do not know where these photos are coming from but the site is accusing my ip of publishing these photos that I am not posting it is not me that I am posting these photos is some hacker that has my ip the something of the type, Help me please do not know what to do

    1. The mobile app was written for us by a good friend a number of years ago and hasn’t been updated for a long time.

      If anyone’s up for creating a new one we’d more than welcome it. We’ll be providing a REST API with the new version of the site so people would be able to create their own if needed.

  2. It’s a problem. I don’t have the solution. The authorities will track anyone you flag, so that’s the MAIN thing, which is to log the IP and provide that to the authorities. I don’t think blocking all TOR exit nodes from uploading accomplishes anything, nor does blocking any IP address from uploading – since they will just change their IP address anyways. Blocking any hotlinks is a good idea, which should work perfectly since we can assume they meant to distribute the stuff – so you block distribution since you can’t really block the uploads feasibly.

  3. This hurdle should not apply to many users. Please act with the people who are experiencing this problem. and correct this situation. it would be unfair to block the entire user for a few problematic users.

  4. To be honest if you use TOR and you block the Exit Node, it does affect people sadly.
    I’d say block TOR, for real! Who cares about cubeupload trying to track. They don’t however if you do visit here google gets informed. So, please for the sake of it, stop it otherwise block TOR

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