Illegal content again…

Image result for facepalmSo we’re at the same position we were back in late January, server provider has taken us offline because of illegal content being uploaded by some users.

We are pretty much on our last chance and have been given an ultimatum – sort it out or the hosting account will be terminated. This is a big problem for us as Hetzner’s pricing allows us to offer this service on quite a small budget.

We’ve had a positive reaction on twitter from a few users so have made the difficult decision to no longer offer guest uploads. You will now need to register an account with an email address, and validate it, before you are able to upload. I really must stress that this is purely due to the actions of a very small number of users, who have decided their own interests are more important than keeping a service for everyone else.

I’m hoping to bring the site back online in a few hours once I’ve made the necessary code changes to block guest uploads and require email verification. Watch this space!

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  1. Surely You Can Disable Guest Upload I Am Using Ur Site Since Last 1 Year Its Great Waiting For Online Back ….

  2. What about the photos that were downloaded earlier? Will they be displayed after the new rules come into effect or will all the old images be permanently lost and need to be reloaded?

    1. At this moment the intention is to keep the old guest images, but we may need to set an expiry date on them if they’re not accessed for a very long time. This would be per-image and would be a reasonable amount of time such as 1 year.

          1. I really like your service and hope that you will be able to solve problems with illegal content and restore old images! Good luck!

  3. I support any measures taken to keep the site free of illegal content. I’m registered of course and have no problem providing anything that is requested in order to secure the website and keep it safe.

    Thank you so much for offering such an incredible website.

  4. Im a registered user and i support your action to keep the site free of illegal content. Do what you have to do to get ride of irresponsible users! Thanks for a great website!

  5. I really hope it gets back as fast as possibly, I really hat these people who upload every sort of illicit material like that, I really appreciate the work you put into this site, its one of the fastest uploading site i used, I have an account on it. But when the things are updated, I will link my email to it either, anything to keep those kind of stuff out the site. All Regards.

  6. Tom yes its a hobby but when you guys came up whit cubeupload idea you have to be carrefull and do your hobby with attention. In this hobby people like me trust you and i have the feeling that you dont care right now. I have photos that i need and i need right now (today) this photos are my future)) so please make this happen today please. I love this community

    1. I agree with this statement. I also have some images on this hosting that are very important to me, therefore, Tom, do everything possible to revitalize your project!

  7. Том будте добры скажите пожалуйста, есть ли более точная информация когда сайт начнет работать??? Если нет то озвучте пожалуйста хотя-бы приблизительные расчетные сроки! Спасибо!

  8. Tom tell me if there is more accurate information when the site starts working? Or call at least the estimated time and date when the service will be available again?

  9. Would love to see cubeupload back!
    If I were you(and I had the money) I would allow some guest uploads and they’d have to run through Google Cloud Vision to detect and block inappropriate images. It wouldn’t be perfect, but it might work if you want to continue Guest uploads. There’d also be a recaptcha. These checks will be removed if you’re registered.

  10. Why allow guest uploads at all? It just opens the door to anybody posting anything they want without accountability. I have no problem supplying my email address. Let’s keep the creeps out! They ruin it for everyone else.

  11. I tried to get back on. Message says I have to confirm my email and that a message was sent….never received it. When I tried to have it sent again it says it has already been sent…….this was about 20 minutes ago.

  12. I love the site, so much i donated 15 bucks awhile back. ( to pay for my ad blocker, I felt guilty…) Hope it is back online soon, and I have no problem validating my account.

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