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Image result for rainbow memeAfter the problems we’ve had with illicit material (again…), the site is now back online. To get service resumed, we needed to commit to a few changes with our server provider.

While these adjustments are quite small, they do fundamentally change how our service is used by a number of people.


What’s different?

  • You now need to register an account to upload images, with a valid email address.
  • We’ve had to block a number of tor exit node IP addresses.
  • Google Vision API is being considered for automated checking of illicit content.


We understand that these changes may impact the convenience of quickly uploading an image, however we believe this is a fair price to pay for continued service. Please do leave any comments below if you have any feedback on these changes.

11 Replies to “Site is back online”

    1. Guest images will remain online for the foreseeable future. If there is any kind of expiration we introduce in the future, it will be reasonable length of time such as a year or more with no accesses.

  1. This is a great shame, I really liked how simple and easy it was to just drop files in the browser window and get a link to share without it being ruined by lousy compression. It’s very, very unfortunate to have this taken away because of something terrible like this – but I guess to these kinds of people nothing is sacred. I’m very sorry you’ve had to take these steps to maintain your site.

    1. But you can still do the exact thing you’re saying, the only difference is that you need an account now. Just keep the session open.

  2. My stored images that I’d shared elsewhere have returned online, but I’m not able to access my account to upload anything.
    I’ve tried to make sure my email is registered several times and in different ways without any success.
    What do I need to do? Is it just a matter of time?

  3. Ive tried numerous times over several days to VALIDATE my account, using my registered email address – but not received any email link? Ive used the contact link on website – but received no reply? Having a cubeupload account for +12 months, I would like to add a few more photos,but unable to do so.

  4. It’s a real shame that the actions of a small number of users have to ruin the easy and simple experience of a website, because of the material they upload.

    I don’t suppose you’ve tried using an automated Tor Exit Node blocker? There’s one online called secthemall-tor, it’s completely free and it creates a list of IP addresses known for Tor Exit Nodes and somebody created a neat little Python script that updates the list locally. Include the filelist into your Nginx/Apache config and that’s it.

    1. Agreed, it’s always the actions of the few which affect the many.

      Unfortunately we had to make these changes or risk losing our server hosting agreement so naturally we chose to remain online.

      User sessions remain for 30 days as long as your IP doesn’t change, so you should be able to login and stay logged in. Would a “stay logged in” checkbox help maybe?

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