Site is back online

Image result for rainbow memeAfter the problems we’ve had with illicit material (again…), the site is now back online. To get service resumed, we needed to commit to a few changes with our server provider.

While these adjustments are quite small, they do fundamentally change how our service is used by a number of people.


What’s different?

  • You now need to register an account to upload images, with a valid email address.
  • We’ve had to block a number of tor exit node IP addresses.
  • Google Vision API is being considered for automated checking of illicit content.


We understand that these changes may impact the convenience of quickly uploading an image, however we believe this is a fair price to pay for continued service. Please do leave any comments below if you have any feedback on these changes.

Illegal content again…

Image result for facepalmSo we’re at the same position we were back in late January, server provider has taken us offline because of illegal content being uploaded by some users.

We are pretty much on our last chance and have been given an ultimatum – sort it out or the hosting account will be terminated. This is a big problem for us as Hetzner’s pricing allows us to offer this service on quite a small budget.

We’ve had a positive reaction on twitter from a few users so have made the difficult decision to no longer offer guest uploads. You will now need to register an account with an email address, and validate it, before you are able to upload. I really must stress that this is purely due to the actions of a very small number of users, who have decided their own interests are more important than keeping a service for everyone else.

I’m hoping to bring the site back online in a few hours once I’ve made the necessary code changes to block guest uploads and require email verification. Watch this space!