Child abuse images

I wish I didn’t have to post about this but sadly the actions of some people have forced me to do so.

We have had multiple instances of pictures of child abuse being uploaded to the service. These are the kind of things no business or volunteer-run image hosting website should have to deal with.

Please understand that if you’re using our website to upload child abuse, you are committing a major crime. We will continue deleting the content and blocking the upload IP. If you’re using a Tor exit node, it means you’re cutting off our service to everyone else using that node, for good or for bad. Furthermore, we have also disabled hotlinking from the sites these images are being requested from.

We have logged all accesses to each of the pictures uploaded and will be passing onto the authorities in due course. The content being uploaded is illegal in the strongest possible way and we will do everything in our power to stop it from happening.

Malwarebytes blocking

We were made aware of Malwarebytes blocking our domain due to some dodgy people uploading viruses disguised as images. These images were hotlinked in spam emails.

The security hole which allowed this to happen has been fixed and we’ve requested our domain to be removed from Malwarebytes’ block list, which they have agreed to do.

In due course we will be going through the catalogue of uploaded images to track down any remaining hack files so we can delete them and ban the uploaders.

Thanks for your patience with this problem, I know it has affected a fair number of our users.